Scottish police apologize for tweet


He is a tit, but how Young handled it is pretty reasonable for a tit.

Mr Young said he had asked the Scottish force not to take any action
against the person responsible, who had probably confused a personal
account with a work one.

Indeed. Toby Young is an insufferable arse, but he doesn’t seem to really care about people having a go at him. Good job, because he gets a lot of it (deservedly).

Of course, he probably doesn’t get a lot of rape threats.

I find the hashtag #longwaytogoladies more odious, it gives the chauvinist context to the ‘tit’ phrase.

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huh? how does that work?

I meant that ‘made a tit of it’ is a phrase I wouldn’t have found offensive particularly if I’d just come across it without knowing the context, except that the hashtag makes it clear he’s chosen that word because he’s referring to women.

Mr Young is a man.

It is just a plain o’insult.

Perhaps you meant ‘male chauvinist’, because ‘chauvinist’ alone doesn’t mean what you think it means.

I know what chauvinist means, Inigo, but today it has become a shorthand for ‘male chauvinist’ as you are no doubt aware. I’m not sure what you’re objecting to in my statement. If I saw someone refer to someone else ‘making a tit’ of something I wouldn’t assume it was a gendered insult, but the hashtag makes it obvious and thus much more horrible - that is what I was trying to convey, sorry if I wasn’t clear.

The insult was directed at a man.

In a discussion about twitter abuse with a woman who had received gendered attacks on Twitter, particularly rape threats which partially sparked the discussion…am I getting it all wrong?

The tweet was probably referencing the fact young said tit

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