Scrap-metal welded bugs


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Those are REALLY well done!

I want to see a Jumping Spider version. Would buy.


The welding is so ham-handed as to be distracting from otherwise well-handled design and construction.


The author should get a TIG welder.


That might help, if he were willing to spend time to learn. It looks like he got a MIG welder and just went, ‘hey, I can stick things together!,’ without bothering to get some instruction or understand how to modulate his welds. I’m not the best MIG welder in the world, but I know how to adjust gas pressures and mixtures, wire speed and size, amperage and technique to get clean, unobjectionable welds of an appropriate size.

He seems to take pains in cutting and piecing his stuff together, and then just sticks it together and calls it good. His pieces would be really great if he bothered to pay attention to concealing and optimizing his welds for aesthetic effect.

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