Welding mishap


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Is he welding, or cutting?

Real life is really just like cartoons!


i was wondering the same thing. it looked to me like he was intentionally taking down a dangerous roof.


NOSHA approved. Cutting torch, not welding. The guy is a pro.


He must have nerves of steel. Bet his wife was worried for his weld being, but i hope he can solder on.


He was cutting the frame, not welding it.


The trick is to never look down after the ground beneath you falls away.


I can’t see the harness, but per OSHA regs he had to have safety harness with shock absorption to work up there in the first place. A fall would have been unpleasant – possibly even some injuries – but not anything like all the way down.


Does it look like he’s working someplace OSHA knows about?

That seems… doubtful… to me.


After taking more time with the video, I totally agree.

I took a wrong tack after another comment.



Neither welding (cutting) nor mishap (planned event)


“whoa, man – are you all right??”
“yeah, but i may have just crapped my pants…”


“He didn’t fall? Inconceivable!”


it seems like frauenfelder’s posts are all shills or inaccurate.


I bet his previous job experience was sawing tree limbs while sitting on the wrong side.


I’m more impressed with this semi-automated solution to replacing railroad sleepers whilst the rails remain in place:



Whether intended or not, I just can’t imagine sitting on that post while things cave in about you! Especially when it kind of vibrates in response to the collapse.



Am I the only one, despite knowing better, who keeps seeing “Wedding mishap?”


That is mesmerizing. Whoever is running that rig is an artist.