How not to cut down a fallen tree




I hop he wasn't hurt. And I hope he was an idiot and not a struggling worker obeying orders from a shitty contractor. Shit like this is why the good Lord gave us the gift of unions.


Early 2014 nominee for a Darwin award?


Oof. A good friend of mine would need a trigger warning for that. Her dad fell off a ladder and landed on his chainsaw. It was about as bad as you could imagine.


If it weren't for people who have no understanding of physics youtube probably wouldn't be so popular.


All these years and I never realize those Wiley Coyote cartoons were actually documentaries.


What other possible outcome did this guy expect?


All I have to do is look at the still picture and I can see what's going to go wrong. Urg.


He didn't expect that the limb he was on was more supported by the building than the tree.


He’s not wearing a hard hat or proper ear protection (much less a safety harness,) I don’t see any caution tape marking off the area… so yeah, unfortunately it’s safe to say this is not a union jobsite. Lumberjacking is not unskilled labor.


Some years ago my mom was furious with me because I refused to climb up a tree in her yard with a chainsaw to cut a large limb. "If I were a man I'D do it!". I just said there were people with the right training and equipment to do this, and I wasn't one of them. I guess I have better innate understanding of physics than the gent in the video.


while there's still a potential risk, a ladder next to it makes far more sense. Hopefully not a pro- they have quick access to cherry pickers.


If not physics then processes. If it involves heights, chainsaws & seems dangerous, it almost certainly is.


I guess this would be an appropriate counterpoint to the "It's 'ealf and safety gone mad I tell yeh" paradigm.


This could be an object lesson for the next generation, but sadly, it probably won't be.


They should have hired James, the nacroleptic tree cutter...


"It was a million to one shot, doc, a million to one." - Kramer


Yeah.... definitely not a physics major!


Indeed. One look at the vid still frame and you know its not going too end well. If it was Harold Lloyd or Buster Keaton up there...


I like how the one guy at the end was like, "top priority is to take away the chainsaw."