Tree's final act of defiance against tractor operator


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The trees are conspiring amongst themselves again!




When I read the caption that someone was going to note this would end in disaster I thought, “I bet whoever speaks has a Southern accent.”



Geez, hope he’s ok.

And this is why we must clearcut the forests, before they MURDER US ALL


Good news is there’s firewood for the stove.


[quote=“Papasan, post:6, topic:102395, full:true”]
Good news is there’s firewood for the stove.
[/quote]Yeah, the stoved-in part of his skull.


Fun fact: mishandling trees entangled in other trees is one of the more significant causes of felling accidents.


Portait orientation inside of landscape.

This deserves some kind of award for bold thinking.


it was the brief narrative that sold it for me, not the ending.




It’s black bars all the way down.



Please. Rotate. Phone. 90. Degrees.

So simple, why do these vertical videos keep happening?

I blame Trump.


Because it’s a lot easier to hold a phone steady in one hand without obstructing the screen or camera if you’re holding it upright.

In this, as with many vertical videos, we don’t miss anything important, so it’s not really worth the fuss.


I have a cousin who cuts trees down for a living. I have seen him work and he doesn’t push them over with a tractor.


Yeah - that’s why God made chainsaws.


Hold my beer. Hey y’all, watch this!


He would probably realize that trying to knock over a tree near other trees is (a) probably going to result in injury to the human working and (b) certainly going to result in injury to the tree roots of near by trees. That cluster of trees is probably keeping that side of the “ravine” from collapsing during a heavy rain. Damaging the root cluster is a bad idea, unless they want the soil under the sidewalk to erode. If the errant tree is some kind of hazard to residents or passerby, then they should have had a professional cut it.


He would have used his chainsaw, but the chain was all worn out from scooping dirt.