Scratch-built hotrod lawnmower


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It is pretty indeed but…not using it? Surely that defeats the purpose.
Reminds me of the quote from the guy who turned up to collect a vintage car announcing his intention to drive it home across the country: “I belong to the Vintage Car Owners Club, not the Vintage Car On Trailers Owners Club.”


That is one bad ass grass wrangler.

Retro mowers activate!.


My mind went, immediately, to:


Frankenstein as a verb. Neologisms generally make me grumpy, but this one is charming.


Sweet ride! Almost makes me wish I still had a lawn to mow, if I could do it with this baby. But I’m with you, Enkita; building something beautiful and useful and then NOT using it goes totally against my grain. Like seeing musical instruments used as decorative items, never to be taken down and played. Gives me the sads.


It’s OK, because it’s being used correctly. People who use Frankenstein as a noun for the monster, though, that’s less forgiveable.


Looks like what the people of the 1950’s thought lawn mowers would look like in the year 2000.


If he doesn’t want to use it for cut grass I’ll bet it would do a hell of a job on shredding lettuce for a salad.


Yup. The only thing that would make it more Fallout-worthy would be a small atomic reactor on top.


Reminds me a fancy custom lawnmower featured on the H.A.M.B. a few years back:


It’s cutting swath is small though



That’s downright sexy.


My lawnmower cuts a very small swath but it’s automatic and never gets bored, so the fact that it takes 2 hours doesn’t bother me. This souped-up lawnmower is equally ripe for automation.


I’ve been considering a robo-mower. Though our yard is small, my alergies get worse every year, and as much as I like the exercise and fresh air, I can do without the instant histamine overload. My only concern is that a robo-mower this gorgeous would get carried off. Hmmm…now I want a KITT lawnmower with built in self-defense and investigative features. I know, I know, that’s how you get Lawnmower Man.


Got a source link for that pic? (Pretty please.)


Here you go…


Lil’ Scalper?


I’ll pretend shameless devotion to anachronism is part of its charm.