Pranksters control lawn mower at a distance, angering others


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Hold my beer.


“you kiss yo momma with that mouth”


Best episode of Lawn Order ever.


“The south will rise again.”


Feels like it was a fun time until some no good do-gooder had to NOT mind their own business and be a prick.

If anything. Thy should have told the cops “we want to press trespassing charges”.


Just wait till the busybodies get a load of the new robot lawnmowers. They will lose their minds.


Fun and games until someone loses a foot. I hope they removed the blade.


When I was a kid one of the scariest things I ever saw in a movie was from a Jerry Lewis movie where a rich dudes’ autonomous landscaping robots attempt to hunt him down (I think it was part of some nefarious person’s plan to kill him for his fortune). It was played for slapstick but at the time this was the closest thing I’d ever seen to The Terminator.



we have automated robotic lawnmowers here at the university

basically it’s a big mower, rider-sized but no steeringwheel or place to sit like that, some guy just walks around and the mower follows them and does all the cutting

I assume the guy is just for safety but maybe they are just teaching it the path they want it to cut

personally I think they should quit with all the useless fake lawns and just put down woodchips or something like that, it would be a massive cost saver and people don’t have to put up with the noise every day as they move from one lot to another, week after week, also a huge labor savings


Really, they should make a cute one that looks like a Roomba, so you won’t realize its deadly intentions until it’s too late.


From the time when good 'ol youtube pranks didn’t involve just being a dick.


That’s awesome! What a nice job that guy has, protecting snakes, shrews and renegade babies from the Whirling Blades of Death. And he won’t have to work when it’s snowing or pouring rain or anything.



I suspect that because it was right next to a road, people became concerned because they thought an apparently out-of-control mower might go into traffic and cause an accident.


That’s a great thought. Thank you. I’ve been thinking about it since I saw the post and it really bugged me. Instant mindset shift.


They had them at the University of Oslo when I was there, and IIRC they were the approximate size and shape of a Roomba. I don’t know how good they were at cutting the grass, but you do need them small for traditional Norwegian houses:


I was nervous watching this, kept thinking of the lawnmower scene in Mad Men


Here is the thing. My kid could be bringing me a pair of scissors and the neighbors could call the cops because they are “concerned” a child is running with a pair of scissors.

Still kind of fucking dickish.

I’ll give another example. The whole “see something say something”. It’s good to call the cops when you see something questionable right? But I as a white man with a black wife have children that are naturally mixed. And yet they are dark enough that someone could “say something” because it looks suspicious. We’ve seen this scenario happen before.

I despise people sticking their nose where it doesn’t belong. Admittedly it’s a personal view.


Ok, I really don’t see how that relates, at all, to a situation where there’s apparently some equipment running amok that could result in an injury, death (or at the very least property damage), and someone wants to prevent that. Honestly, trying to create some equivalencies here is weird. Really, really weird.


here is the thing…you or I may be able to get together and agree on a situation where “a reasonable person can be concerned and take action”…but look around within the real world where people decide they need to take action to prevent “something” from happening… My equivalency was based directly off of previous BB posts about someone stupidly “saying something because they saw something” and had jumped to false conclusions based on their own stupidity.

Point is…a small lawn mower (seriously…this thing seriously harmless unless you literally stick a limb under the mowing deck) is not a serious threat, at all. I have no issue with someone stopping and looking at it for a moment but 30 sec and the pattern would have completely alleviated any concern.