Pranksters control lawn mower at a distance, angering others

I don’t think it’s weird at all. The misogynist commentary these two young “gentlemen” add to the soundtrack, does nothing to amuse me. There’s pranks. And then there’s trolls. These clowns are trolling.


do cowboys tie-up those horses part i

I at one time tied-up an electric mower starter for a disabled
customer to his amusement to go…

Beats the original Lawnmower Man.

I’m sorry to break this to you, but most people are just not as smart as you. No sarcasm at all.


Unless it gets hit by a car (or a car swerved to avoid it). Which was my point here - people seemed to be concerned it was a threat to safety because it was apparently running unattended right next to a road. This is very much a situation where bystanders were interceding not because of some nebulous “that doesn’t seem right to me” (where it’s being informed by their prejudices), but by imminent safety concerns.

Except that no one is expecting that someone would have turned a riding mower into a remote-control device just to fuck with people. So they’re not evaluating it that way, and it’s not really fair to expect them to. If I see a small child about to step in front of a bus, I’m not thinking, “maybe I should try to figure out if the child is actually a dummy and this is a prank.”

Yes. And their victims seem to be well-intentioned people trying to prevent an accident.

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You and I are both really glad you don’t live in my neighborhood.

My first thought was that the guy in the pale shirt, who tried to grab and mount the mower a few times, has never ridden a bicycle. I’m sure I’ll get shot down with all sorts of apparently reasonable reasons why I’m being dumb, but how hard can it be to grab the wheel and the back of the chair and jump/lever oneself into the seat at walking pace?

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Can’t wait to see what they do while camping in Criminal In Tent.

Or getting up to mischief in their big ol’ SUV with Olivia Benson on the case.

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