Screener at Los Angeles airport tests positive for coronavirus, federal officials say

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So will they trace and quarantine all this person’s contacts? This may take a while…




I had not thought of it, but I’d put all transit center of any type worker on the list for PPE’s and training ASAP.


Actually shocking that the folks paid to think about that stuff didn’t think of that.


Have you noticed the stats seem to be more hidden now? You think that is Pence’s doing? I think this has been spreading since Thanksgiving and Xmas and people just didn’t realize and still don’t know because testing is almost non-existent and they hide the numbers.

Thanksgiving was probably too early – I was in China around the first week of January, and at that point coronavirus was just breaking out, and does seem to have been pretty limited to Wuhan.

Although you never know.


The US has an excellent Flu Monitoring network, if this was circulating there would have been unexplained pneumonia deaths being recorded. Several experts in the Flu Monitoring network data have been combing it to see if they can find any signal and they have found none.

So, no, it probably has not been circulating undetected for months, it has too high of a fatality rate to escape notice.


I could be wrong- but they may not have adequate supplies of PPE’s at Airports.


we aren’t even allowed to know how many people are tested anymore so trump doesn’t look like a pile of fail, how do you know the flu numbers are real/accurate? (where are they?)

Or anywhere else, including medical facilities. Deep shit, my peoples.


flu monitoring has been going on since 1918 probably. I trust the numbers.

Here if you think you can decipher the numbers is the Feb 29th version:

But you are better off following Dr. Rivers, she is the expert:

She has also looked at past data and not seen a signal.

That is about the best we can do for retrospective data and current data without mass scale testing for covid directly.




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Not great news, considering my wife just left for the airport (not LAX, but that might not even matter anymore).

It seems that Coronavirus’ big strength is that it’s communicable for a looooong time before symptoms are present. This screener was probably exposed without realizing it, and now has been in the general population for three weeks. Hopefully they and their family will have an easy recovery.

Also, so much for screening.


Maybe they’ll start screening for something relevant, now.


They need to muster a war effort level manufacture of test kits, and keep working on faster cheaper means. Also, given how many doctors in China succumbed, figure out if there’s a way it infects through conventional medical barriers. It may well just be sneaking in by not being symptomatic while it’s crazy infectious, but I hope there’s some smart people involved in thinking this out.


They also need to tell everyone that it’s important to isolate now. I guess everyone is waiting until Coronavirus is a big problem before ordering people to stay home? Like we don’t want to try to minimize the spread until it’s already spread substantially…

We seem not to fully understand how the virus spreads, and it keeps sneaking past us. So maybe we shouldn’t be all business-as-usual.

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“Space race” level effort is probably better than “war effort”. If we refer to it as a war, Trump may try to nuke infected blue states.

“Are you experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19?” asked the Screener.

“Nope!” coughed the traveller into the Screeners eyeballs.

“Excellent, enjoy your stay!”


My non-expert opinion is that cell phones are to blame for preventive measures not hindering the spread. Everyone everywhere is carrying around their own personal virus reservoir. No matter how well or how often you wash your hands, you probably touched your phone prior to washing them, and will be touching it again afterward.