Screening Surveillance: three short science fiction films about surveillance, with accompanying classroom materials

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Cue the Ford Nation’s rebuttals that taxpayer money has no place in funding academic fiction.

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I’m under surveillance right now.


Does anyone remember a short film from a while back–maybe ten years?–that was made up entirely of POV shots from surveillance cameras in a shopping mall? The scenes were overlaid with text and analysis that showed it was a centralized system with facial recognition, connected to store POS systems, public records databases, etc. So it would follow someone and show their name and full demographic info, purchase history, net worth, search history, etc. as they wandered in and out of stores.

I don’t remember there being much in the way of narrative story, but it was creepy enough to stick out in my mind. I’ve been looking for it for years because it was such an effective way of demonstrating the dangers of ubiquitous and interconnected facial recognition systems.

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