Sculptor creates the world's tiniest chess set, the size of a thumbtack

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Because he thought he needed to make the game even more challenging?


“So you lost that chess game?”
“Yes, but only by a little.”


“Knight to queen’s bishop 3 . . . I think.”


How is he at musical instruments?

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pulls out magnifying glass Yes, I believe you are correct.


“I said I wanted to play a little chess, not a tiny chess!”

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Huge talent!

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A glob-tipped toothpick? Hhrrmmph! Trump would only need to use his bare hands (but not before asking what chess is.)

So many things about the game have been quantified already…

Why not a statistical breakdown on usability at different sizes? Using real horses for knights, and armored soldiers for pawns has its own problems, as does using pieces smaller than a hangnail. What is the optimum range for piece scale, among players of a certain rating?

I expect anything smaller than a finger is going to slow the game down, as will anything larger than a fist.

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