Sealing up wounds with a laser beam


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I hope they can replace the silkworm protein with something easily manufactured, silkworm farming isn’t cheap or fast. Can’t see how it can compete with the good old stitch on cost. Not to mention the gold nanorods.


gold nanorods

Added to my list of future band names.


Guaranteed to blow your mind


Was going to say the same. Have fun with that insurance payment.


B’klyn Surgeon: “Nouyce! Hand me that frickin’ laser!”


I once had a dog who would lick any spot you shined a laser at. Same thing?

Some poor student at ASU signed up to do some paid undergraduate research and found themselves in this lab with the job of intentionally slicing up living rats. University administrators call this “enhancing the undergraduate experience”.


Laser-welded spider stitches would be cool.


Looks like you still get a scar. So why would it be better?


Sealing up wounds with a laser beam silk protein.

I’ve never had to scale them up, but raw materials for gold nanorods are very cheap. Looking up commercial prices, you’re probably talking in the few-bucks range for the quantities involved. We’ve been making nanomaterials for centuries and tiny amounts of gold aren’t that expensive. Can’t speak to the hospital markup, though.


Doesn’t the President have one of those in his pants?




I read that as “Scaling up wounds with a laser beam”, which somehow seems a lot easier


Where is my tricorder? I want my damn tricorder!!


But, isn’t making them that much more fun.



Patients expressed concern and disquiet when the gene-engineered spiders were placed upon their wounds.


They couldn’t have made it out of, say, corn starch and water? They needed 100% pure silk and gold?


It’s for early adopters. The version on your urgent care bill will be nylon and slivers of aluminum foil sealed up by an extra-bright LED.


It’s called…Kragle. Made outta uh, gold nanorods and placenta. Try to side-eye that finish nail over there. That’s it… (Breath) Done! Stay away from Karpathian Ale for 20 minutes and you’re good.