Sean Parker, founding president of Facebook, denounces it


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…and sometimes it comes up two bells, and the third bell just almost clicks in, but then it slips past and you get nothing.


In 50 years Fbook will be synonymous with mind poison.


Why wait? :smile:


Don’t rev my engine, you know what happened the last time…


Was this the Justin Timberlake character? I can only process who these people are through Hollywood blockbusters now.


There’s a reason a lot of tech moguls limit their kids’ access to social media. And then there’s this business about creepy YouTube videos aimed at preschoolers that’s been discussed over the past few days:


Has Sean Parker been Moonlighting?


I “liked” every comment in this thread so far.


Actually, even the name Facebook seems a bit outmoded at this point. Compared with what processors and their attendant gadgets, devices, peripherals, virtual environs, etc. will be able to do (and do to us) in the not-too-distant future, I speculate that the folks over at FB will be smacking themselves for having such short sight. “Facebook”…it’s so…static…and 2D. More speculation: “attention drug” will be a laugh in 30 years, when attention isn’t even remotely thought of like it is today.


We’ll soon have to explain to kids what a “book” is when they ask about the meaning behind Facebook.


IMHO, I think this is the motivation behind his statements, from Wikipedia:

The kids are likely growing up on Facebook (or other social media) and now he’s scared.


Like mine. Oh God, please like mine. I wanna see that little notification by my picture.



Now you do mine!


Facebook wants your nude photos . . . for your own protection.


And maybe even “face”!


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