Search YouTube for "[your favorite restaurant or shop] brawl"


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welp there goes any productivity I was gonna have today.


Strange… “Taste of New Delhi brawl” doesn’t really bring anything up.


I didn’t get any hits for Gaylord Brawl. Not that i’ve eaten there, but you know… juvenile humor :stuck_out_tongue:


You can always search for a ‘favorite’ like say Cheesecake Factory.


Ok. I think one caveat here is “You favorite CHAIN restaurant”

If I try to do Cook & Dagger brawl, I’m not gonna find anything at my favorite local haute cuisine place. I think while a generalization, its probably truth that “brawls” are more common at chain restaurants (Chili’s, TGIFridays, Dennys, IHOP, Buffalow Wild Wings, etc).


I got nothin’ for Rudy’s BBQ (a delicious Texas chain) either. I think people are too busy eating to fight.


OK that was fun, but now the algorithm is going to think Taco Bell is my favourite restaurant.


As a result of this, TIL that metal concerts sometimes have a Wall of Death:


so. that exists…


No results for “Brasserie Blanc brawl”.

Brasserie Blanc is a chain, it’s just the type of chain that wants the upper middle classes as customers.

That’s better than the algorithm thinking you are part of the 1%


I suspect that locally regional chains with only a handful of locations and the onesie/twosie posh places rarely if ever have blow ups.

And I would make the argument that lower priced places are more likely to have blow ups. not really about economic class, but more likely due to sheer volume of people coming through the doors. more people=more of a likely hood someone ticks off someone else to this level.


It just means that the Bullingdon Club haven’t visited the Oxford branch recently. It’s more likely that anyone wearing a Bullingdon uniform is banned though.

There’s nothing new about affluenza.

No disagreement there.


I’m sure with some detective work someone could find many instances of rich people behaving badly in ritzy places as well. Its just easier to find examples of regular people getting into altercations and then making the narrative that the regular joe is uncivilized.


Oh, no doubt. I am not saying it never happens in a posh restaurant or local mom & pop place…I am saying the likely hood is greater because with more people/foot traffic there is merely more opportunity.

I think its clear (45) that being uncivilized or civilized has nothing to do with someone’s economic status.


For sure, i’m agreeing with you by the way :slight_smile: It’s just easier (to the point of laziness) for whatever person to point at these fights and equate it to us regular folk being violent or whatever, when one can equally find similar examples of rich people behaving like maniacs.


Oh definitely. Former finance minister of Sweden got a bit naughty recently, but will live to see another day in his sheltered world of wealth and power. So far only anonymous sources and (supposedly) no mobile phone footage.

Pulled his cock out, called women whores and sluts. Allegedly.


Well then…


I could also upload the original, but for some reason BBS only wants m4v videos? And I’m not risking my youtube for this,


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