Dispute over salsa and chips erupts into chair throwing brawl erupts at Texas restaurant


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"Dispute over salsa and chips erupts into chair throwing brawl erupts at Texas restaurant





WWWhat the fuck.



This news story brought to you by the Department of Redundancy Department.


that headline, tho.

Does that restaurant pipe tequila through the ventilation system?


Twice, you wrote “department” twice.


Double eruption aside, that must be some good chips and salsa.


A five-minute, late-night, chair-throwing brawl in Texas… and no one was shot?
That is good news!


The only way to stop a bad guy with a chair…


and yet somehow they couldn’t produce one video of chairs being thrown at the dem convention in nevada. i’m just glad none of these people were armed, jeez… that escalated really quickly.


The NRA wants to arm every damn one of these bozos.


huh, someone double dip in the salsa?


If you’re ever in Dallas just north of the airport looking for some Mexican food, keep driving. There’s a Torchy’s by the Arboretum that’s a bit away, but it’s really good, and additionally you won’t see huge brawls break out.


If you watch enough television you know Texans take their Mexican food seriously.


Wait this is Texas how come nobody came out with their GUNZORS?


And pretty decent Margaritas too.

In Austin, Z’Tejas is better, but I haven’t been to the one in Dallas. Torchy’s is consistently decent in every city I’ve eaten it.



Taco Deli is quite good too, they’re about on par with Torchy’s but less cheap. Z’Tejas is really good, though less cheap and more a TexMex sit down place than a cheap Mexican taco place. If you’re looking for sit down Mexican place that’s pure sublime beauty on a place, there’s Fonda San Miguel, though they’re not cheap, and it’s the kind of place you’re better off making a reservation for. Mmm. Now I need to go to Fonda San Miguel. Oh also there’s Curra’s, which is a non-TexMex sit down place, OMG, Curra’s is incredible.