Trump supporter warns of "taco trucks on every corner" if he loses


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Where do I sign?!


Sounds delicious. I love tacos!

Also, if we let Muslims in, does that mean we also get falafal and hummus trucks on every corner, too?

:tomato: Hate the Chef, love the Condiments :hotdog:

Oh man. That sounds pretty great.
I’d also like to see an increase in noodle/dumpling trucks around here, too… it that’s possible.


Of course you do. EVERYBODY likes tacos.


But that still leaves three million illegals doing all that raping! Sure, they’re on foot, but you still can’t outrun them on account of them having calves like canteloupes!*

  • Trump 2016!


Erm, Indeed. Where exactly is the downside in this situation? An appeal to those concerned with Parking regulations? People who have to deal with paperwork involved in mobile food establishments? The powerful Kebab/Gyro lobby?


Except this guy, apparently.


I can’t WAIT! Imagine all the different varieties that will be available! And all that competition will keep prices reasonable. WIN!


If we’re talking Mexicali-style fish tacos, count me in.


Best campaign promise ever. Can Trump somehow lose in Montreal too? We have kind of a dearth of taco trucks.


But if taco trucks become ubiquitous, that means that Taco Bell will probably go out of business!

Yeah, you’re right, I don’t see a downside either.


I think you’re conflating Trump with Steve King.

Also, you forgot to count all the good union jobs in the truck factories!


Why do you hate America.


America is small fry, just wait til I bring communism back to Russia! There will be taco trucks on every corner!


“Make America Tacos Again”




This only reaffirms my belief that the Trump campaign is a shill for a Clinton presidency.


Thanks Trump!