The joy of stainless steel taco holders


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I think some cardboard, aluminum foil, and some wooden skewers/popsicle sticks could do the same for cheaper. Just saying.
Cool idea though.


Damn. That means I’ll still have a net caloric gain of four tacos.


Talk about a useless invention.( though I question if a piece of crimped sheet metal constitutes a true invention)

We are all born with taco holders.


[Infomercial gif needed]


Soft shells, that’s the way to solve this issue.


Oh you mean real tacos.


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(My body is invalid? Rude.)




Wait, how is the 3 taco version not just the 2 taco version inverted?

I just saved you three dollars. So send it to me!





Taco stand?


Perfect, my wife has been looking for some stands to make it easier to load up our potato tacos…


You forgot the “Thanks Obama!” caption


Amature technique and a shoddy shell. Not a good combination though honestly it looks like the thing up and disintigrates without her ever biting down. Wha’d they do, put an air charge in that thing?

You want a Taco commercial? This is pretty much obligatory.


i swear by these things. alton brown may hate them, but it is a wonderful thing.


Build a taco.
Feel the shell in your hand - so crisp, so fragile.
Apply the layers - the meat, the salsa, the cheese.
Breathe in the aroma of the taco.
Eat the taco. Savour each bite. Enjoy the conversation with friends around the table. Laugh.
Build another taco.
Give no thought to where your next taco is coming from.
Live in the now.