These steel taco holders are a steal

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Hmm now I want tacos… not a holder


My 2nd favorite taco holder: My hands. :slightly_smiling_face:
My 1st favorite taco holder: My mouth. :grin:


Considering how often bb hawks these, I have to assume the readership keeps buying them in numbers.

Having been a member of The Taco Council and even a participant in a risqué Taco Council romance, I have to say… I approve.

Minister of Misinformation
The Taco Council


I’m just here to share that the tacogon is the tastiest shape.

Also you can flip these holders over to hold a different number of tacos.


I have never felt deprived putting my tacos on their sides on a plate. One less thing to clean up. Mmm, thinking about this makes me want to head down to the tacqueria. But if this floats your boat, better to help bb earn their money with these less intrusive ads. I have noticed that real Mexican restaurants rarely use these to serve tacos, but non-Mexican restaurants often use them to serve tacos.


Correction, real Mexican restaurants wouldn’t use these, ever.
You may now continue enjoying your preferred tacos, with or without taco holder.

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But real tacos would just flop over the sides.

…a bender family recipe.


i swear by taco holders, my husband says his taco holders are his hands. some day he will understand the true beauty of a proper taco holder! i mean, look – they come in dinosaur shapes now!


Works great for brats and other bun wrapped sausages.

Best use for these… Bacon taco shells!

Interlace six slices of bacon.
Lay them over the rack.
Set the rack on a baking sheet to catch the grease.
Bake at 400 for 20 minutes.


I don’t understand the concept here. I have never put down a taco.

I mean, I guess it could help if you are making tacos for OTHER people, but I have neither the patience nor the self control for silliness like that.

tacos are flat and served on a plate, wrapped in tin foil if you’re getting them to-go.

DISCLAIMER: I’ve lived in San Jose for 20 years. I have a certain bias when it comes to what I eat for lunch nearly every day.


I don’t understand these non-sequitur product placements. Kickbacks?

Affiliate links. Click them and amazon will keep track of that and will give the site some money if you ever buy it.

i’ll admit to having had a taco-sore-ass a few times in my life.

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Totally. The first time I had a $1 taco from a truck in Redwood City was a mind expanding experience. It came on a paper plate.

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That’s a quesadilla. Other than that wtf?