Stainless steel taco holders on sale

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I thought I bought the same thing, but mine only holds two tacos and has a wider base. Oh well.

$19.95 is on sale? Hmmm. Usually Amazon touts when something is on sale. Must have missed it.

Also, there’s the training wheel option for people that don’t know how to fill a taco:


Here come the soft-shell purists!

Wait, that’s me.



The taco truck on every corner still hasn’t come to my neighborhood. :cry:


For larger parties, hit up Home Depot


I remember in grade school in Florida, I befriended a Mexican-American student and mentioned I liked tacos, so he said “I’ll bring some for you from home!”

What I got was soft-shell, and the filling had potatoes and maybe a little meat, and definitely not seasoned like “taco mix” kinda stuff. Made me realize what we were eating in America was quite a bit different than the original.


I love all kinds of tacos… For the ones I typically make at home, I do that weird, what I assume is “inauthentic” thing of pan-frying the corn tortilla, but not to the point of it being totally crisp… Just so they’re slightly crisp and kinda greasy (blot them on paper towels). Then just build them flat on a plate and pick em up (still foldable). Some people put the contents in the tortilla before frying, but I don’t… Either way, so bad, and yet so good.

Whoops. Now I’m hungry.


Maybe they are afraid they’ll get stuck on the wrong side of the wall?

2016, 2017… and strangely, 2018 has vanished, leaving only the thread.


We also pan fry our corn tortillas - in butter, no less - because we don’t make our own and the store bought ones don’t survive folding otherwise. Sure do taste good that way though!

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Prefab brittle taco shells: Must Kill with Hammer!
Tortillas: Get to know them!

Yes! You either have to double-up (too thick) or steam them (too fragile)… So pan-frying is a good solution… I’ll have to try butter like you mention haha

Seems like a good idea in the abstract, but it turns out in real life, I never put a taco down.


Huh? Don’t you have callouses specifically formed from heating tortillas directly on the stove burners?


I use soft tortillas from the local Mexican deli, I heat them on a dry pan, and only do so enough to make them a bit crunchy for my breakfast burritos. I digress. These look like they would still be useful for softened tortillas like we have for dinner. Am I wrong?

Not that they would ship here and any I’ve seen have been stupid expensive. But to keep an eye out for…

is taco

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useful stuff

I beg to differ

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I haven’t had a crunchy taco in a long time. Are they worth buying special holders?

Around here, we call taco holders “plates”, and we make tacos with tortillas, not weirdly-shaped Doritos.