How to eat a crunchy shell taco without having it explode on you


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This needs supporting photographic / video evidence with it, or I call BS.



… or just have a soft taco which is fit for purpose.

Hard tacos are corn chips that didn’t apply themselves.


I have yet to have a crunchy taco that didn’t asplode and I’m fairly certain I eat them the same way as described.

I guess I will have to try again at lunch today. :smiley:


How is an easier question to answer than why.


For Science!


Taco science is my favorite way to science!


Tell that to my four-year old. Why’s x infinity.


I like to start at one end, eat over the top, then go progressively downwards. Like a declining moon. Trouble is, at the end you’re stuck with only the meat, just like with a kebap. Ah, the science of eating :wink:


slowly backs away



If that’s your style, I’m not slowly backing away, I’m running for the hills :smiley:

Edit: I just realized that the moon analogy was crap. So I eat from the open end towards the bottom.


There just isn’t a dignified way to eat those.


I knew a girl who would break the taco up into a bowl and eat it with a fork (or spork, since it was at taco bell)


This is obviously aimed at Taco Bell victims, but the best “life hacker” advice is to not go near a Taco Bell in the first place.


Taco Bell is more of a bowel hacker.


I am intrigued by this concept and want to know where I can buy the explosive tortillas. Mine never explode, they just break at the most importune moment. I want to upgrade to exploding!


I’ve found that if the taco’s gooey/sticky stuff (hot/warm meat sauce/cheese/whatever) is spread more or less evenly across and contacting the shell’s inner surface, then that tends to soften the inner surface just enough to help keep the shell from coming apart.