How to eat a crunchy shell taco without having it explode on you

This is useful advice, but I fear Trump will soon force us in the U.S. to only eat tacos in the form of a bowl.

Call me old school, but the absence of the end title THANKS OBAMA!! is jarring.

Nowhere in the original description is there an explanation of how to handle the fatal flaw of the large majority of crunchy tortillas: splitting straight down the back. GAME OVER

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No matter how you eat them, tacos will explode when they reach your stomach.

What? There are people who don’t know how to eat tacos? That’s quite possibly the saddest thing I’ve ever heard. Tacos make life worth living.

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The race with the devil after visiting Chipotle.



For people who need an Instructable in order to eat a taco.

Step One. Don’t order a hard shell.

Step two. EAT THE TACO.



What the heck are the lines between the phases of the explosion, is that actually fuse? I would have thought that those would be entirely electronic.


“Improve your odds” , lol!

Reminds me when I was musing about buying a boat with some friends and we started debating what counts as a Yacht. Turns out, there is no set definition, and in fact Yacht clubs set out guidelines for how you can maximize your chances of your boat being considered a Yacht.

If you are one of the privileged few to either have a huge mouth, or a wealthy handsome look, you could have a satisfying taco / yacht experience.

It’s all about the stuffing.

You need to pack it with sufficient density and consistency that there is no room for the taco shell to bend inwards.

Tricky, but it can be done.


Neat! I’d heard of detcord, but I guess I’ve never actually seen it in use. That explosion rate is ridiculously fast, 6400 m/s is just about 18 times the speed of sound.

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