About that Taco Bowl


No photo of Jason Jones in a mankini under the pile of papers?


Right on target.


Neither of those taco salads resemble actual Mexican food, but at least Sam Bee’s bears a passing resemblance to a salad.

I’d wager the only thing in either of those photos that was actually made by Mexican people is Donald Trump’s wardrobe.


Bee had the good grace to call her’s “inauthentic”.


Update, from kos:

  1. There’s nothing appealing to Latinos about eating a non-native dish, made in his office tower (nice product placement!), and eaten in private in his office. It’s clear, once again, that Trump loves nothing more than walls between himself and brown people. If he really loved Latinos, he’d be hanging out with them.

  2. The best Mexican food is made in Mexican restaurants. That’s why the real ones don’t have “taco bowls” on their menus. Taco bowls were invented at Denny’s. Yes. Denny’s.

  3. ​“HIspanics” is to “Cinco de Mayo” what “Europeans” is to “St. Patricks Day.”

  4. Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican holiday, and we all know what Trump thinks and says about Mexicans.

  5. Even if the taco bowl was a “Hispanic” dish, saying you love Hispanics because their food is tasty is like saying you love Fidel Castro because Cuban sandwiches are tasty. There is literally no correlation.

  6. Dear god, I’m afraid at what Trump will tweet during Black History Month…

“Happy Black History Month! The best fried chicken is made at Trump Tower Grill. I love The Blacks!” — Dez Wilson

  1. If that says “I love HIspanics”, what does the picture of his ex-wife in a bikini underneath the taco bowl say? Nothing racist about that part. Just creepy. Like talking about his 1-year-old daughter’s future breast size.

Yep, gonna repeat myself.

(Best Mexican food I ever had were fish tacos in San filipe. Followed closely by a tiny joint in San Diego, ran by mother’s)


He’s not trying to appeal to “the Latino vote”. He’s trying to appeal to idiot whites through the “gaffe”, as usual. He’s stupid, but it’s a crass, very successful media ploy and it’s only going to ingratiate him more to Republicans.

This is his shtick, and why he’s gotten that 2 billion dollars in free publicity from the MSM and all alt media and social networks so far.


I had some nice lengua tacos at a hole-in-the-wall in New Haven. Well, it was pretty cavernous. But plenty of holes in the ceiling that had plastic gutter epoxied in place to run leaks over to the sides and out again.

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