Tacopedia – A sumptuous history of the taco

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When fajitas started to become A Thing in “institutional” Mexican restaurants (El Torito, Acapulco, etc.), my friends and I took to pronouncing the word “fuh-jye-tis” and defining it as “an inflammation of the taco”.

In our defense, we were young and foolish then; I feel old and foolish for repeating it now.


As will I when I repeat it next time my wife and I are at a Mexican restaurant.


nah, maybe a little pity :stuck_out_tongue:


Praise be unto them and their issue, to the thousandth generation and beyond.


I’m just wondering when NYC became any kind of taco destination. There are some passable burrito joints and probably some fancy fusiony places but you don’t get tacos with tablecloths.

Is this one of those new things like the proliferation of halal carts over the past decade or so?

see: “Mexicans will laugh at this and feel sad for me”

There are a good 2 to 3 lines stating that the author knows it’s not a prime destination for tacos.

I was more curious where the author recommends for tacos there.

Good point. I’d be interested to know as well.

Great…now I want tacos.


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