Searching for Youtube videos in posts

So, earlier today I was trying to find this ancient post o’ mine:

I finally hit upon it somewhat by accident by searching for “nightmare @jorpho” without the quotes. In the search results, it appears as:

Jun '17 - Makes me think of this for some reason: Dropped into a turbine engine Used to great effect here: Skenik - Ghost Turbine

Except presently, when I do a BBS search for “skenik” or “turbine @jorpho” (no quotes), I can only find the post I made today:

Did the way the search engine indexes Youtube videos just change somehow between now and two years ago? Or am I missing something?

Trying to search for the Youtube URL or portions thereof, , turns up no posts.


I doubt URLs are indexed that way.

They did just update the search infrastructure:

You might want to ask your question over there and see if they have any insight.



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