Link to bbs search results

Is there a way to link to particular search results?

Or they forever stuck in javascripty-limbo?

Other than using google-site-search

No there is not at this time.

Yes, sorry, I thought you meant natively. Google searches will of course

I did mean natively, other than google site-search.

The follow-up was just a suite of sadness, since I can’t upload my tears. :frowning:


I really like linking to things, or having a URL that can be cobbled together as a poor man’s API. Manually searches-only are a pain, and cannot be used in a bookmarklet, f’r instance.

I am impressed that the first two paragraphs in this reply were composed 231 days ago, and stored by Discourse on the off-chance I’d revive this thread. Thank you for your tenacity, Discourse! May you be rewarded with (continuingly) healthy code.


Yeah … full page search is on our immediate roadmap, expect it in the next few months, then you can easily link to search results

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