Seasons 1 of Friends, simultaneously


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What exactly is it? All episodes of season 1 blended together? All first episodes of each season blended together? Anyone know?

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gotta stay with it until 13:32 - don’t jump ahead - whoa! pow!


I believe it is all the episodes of Season 1, laid on top of one another.

or Ketamine.

Why? I understand what it is but not why anyone would create this.

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Maybe someone insisted that he watch the first season of Friends. The only way you’d get me to do it, to be sure.


Because it wasn’t there.

I love stuff like this.


For someone who does understand why things like these are made, it was actually kind of enjoyable for a while.

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Too many cooks…

What is it with the “SAP” logo, 0:18 and 19:49? :wink:

It is art. :stuck_out_tongue:

Once they get into the show (around 02:40), the white noise and cacophony is puncuated by canned laughter as regular and soothing as the tides against the beach. Listen for the signal.

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