Seattle surgeon suspended for sexting during surgery


But just regular texting and checking email and facebook are still cool during surgeries, right?

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This shithead’s thought process: “This woman is going through what is likely the most painful experience in her life. That’s totally hot. Imma instagram that shit.”

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In other news, people get bored at work and surf the internet, in all its multi faceted glory.

Hopefully not while they’re doing surgery on me.

no, only googling medical "How to"s.

This is the kind of thing that makes me afraid to seek medical treatment. That persistent excruciating pain? Maybe waiting to see if it goes away is a better bet than risking being in the hands of a guy like this.

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I’m not a doctor (nor do I play one on TV), but I’m guessing an operating room is not the best place to be getting bored and/or exposing your junk. Germs, death, and whatnot…


Lots of folks rushing to condemn this guy. He was functioning as an anesthesiologist when he was texting, not the lead surgeon. Some operations go on for 8 hours. As an anesthesiologist, he just has to keep an eye on some vitals, and most of it is automated anyway. And I’m sure he’s not the only member of the operating team sending texts during that time, he just got busted for “sexting”.

And the pics of his junk weren’t taken during any operation.

But hey, lets ruin the guy’s life anyway.

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writing 29 or more unauthorized prescriptions for her and other people, including scrips for Oxycodone.

that’s a crime

accessing the visual materials “not for medical purposes but in order to view images of the patient

that’s a crime

physician accused of sexting during surgeries

that’s not a crime; it’s horrible behavior.

But the headline reads he was suspended for sexting.


Seriously? Maybe he should have acted like a professional while at his job if he wanted to remain a professional with a job. AND he gave out unauthorized prescriptions, which is HIGHLY illegal, along with other illegal behavior.

I mean come the fuck on, now.

Why is there always some asshat ready to defend people who clearly don’t deserve to be defended? I don’t get it. Is it because he is a man? Because women don’t get this kind of benefit of the doubt.


He’s at work. He’s the person controlling the flow of pharmaceuticals into the person being operated on, and at any moment things could go horribly wrong because of the surgeon, the nursing staff, dumb luck, or nature. There are times to text and there are times not to text. An operating room absolutely belongs in the latter category.
The length of time an operation might take is immaterial. He was on the clock while a person’s life was effectively in his hands. If he’s texting, or looking at pictures of his kids, or signing up on a charity list to feed orphans in the war torn regions of the world, then he’s not doing his job. Period. There is a reason malpractice insurance exists, and this guy is seriously raising the rates.

But hey, it’s not like anyone died, right? Let’s forget it and move on, because personal and professional responsibility isn’t what this is all about.


You had me until it turned into a man vs woman thing.

Let’s leave this as “Highly unprofessional asshat rightly loses license, and is likely to be prosecuted for crimes”. Honestly, it doesn’t matter if it’s a he/she/whatever. If your job is to monitor anesthesia, I expect you to be monitoring anesthesia regardless of how boring it is. If you find it too boring to pay attention to, then perhaps you’re in the wrong field.


I cannot like this enough. As I commented to the previous comment, if you cannot be trusted to handle your job professionally and competently, then you should not have it.

And I say this as someone who has served as anesthesiologist, and does surgery on a regular basis.


If there’s one thing for sure in kerfuffles like this, its that we don’t know all the facts. And ruining someone’s reputation and tarring him all over the internet seems like a punishment that should be reserved for those who have caused actual harm.

But hey, don’t let me get in the way of a good ol’ tabloid style lynching.

The problem with this logic is that harm has to happen.
Far better to address risky behavior that could lead to harm.
Proactive risk management > We vow to never let this happen again.

(I know this is taking the quote a bit out of context, but I find the Hammurabic “punishment fitting the crime” sentiment galling. We humans need to grow the fuck up.)


The problem with this logic is that harm has to happen.

That’s a very good point. But note that I’m not arguing that punishment shouldn’t happen. I’m all for suspending him and, if there’s enough evidence, firing and prosecuting him. Its the whole pillorying him all over the internet part that I think is overkill.

I agree, then. Got a button pushed and there you go. As the internet is --among many things --the database of the unexpurgated human condition; its culture won’t change until we do.

Is selling narcotic pain medicine ILLEGAL enough for you? Holy shit.

How about he goes to jail for illegally selling narcotics?