Sec. Buttigieg helps a climate denier make a fool of themself

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Another asshole who knows he’s gonna be dead before the kids are forced to suffer.


The technique of asking him to repeat the comment is effective. Similarly, if someone tells a racist or sexist joke, say that you don’t understand it. Ask them to explain it. Most of the time they should have enough self awareness to realize that blatantly explaining their prejudices is a bad thing.


One of those “Free State of Jefferson” secessionist rubes to boot.


This is my all-time favourite thing to do when someone spouts garbage near me. Makes me sooo happy to watch the increasing discomfort as I repeatedly ask for clarification…


Christ, this fucking asshole - LaMalfa reclaims his time because he doesn’t actually want Buttigieg to answer any questions, he just wants an opportunity to spit out his own nonsensical rant about how climate change is all a scam intended to give “trillions” to China. Climate change “deniers” like this drive me into homicidal rages - he’s actively trying to bring about a situation that will result in billions dead and the end of our civilization, and he smugly doesn’t know anything, doesn’t want to, and generally doesn’t give a shit.


One of the indigenous concepts is that we must look ahead for 7 generations when thinking about environmental stewardship.


Why do Republicans hate young Americans? Why do Republicans hate unborn generations of Americans?


Because they’re not generating their own income from birth?

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I cannot help but think how better off we might’ve been had he been elected President. It isn’t that I dislike President Biden, but maybe we could have some younger voices in our government. Frankly, I want to see a young firebrand like Justin J. Pearson take to the National stage.

My generation (X) failed the Millennials.
The Millennials failed Generation Z.

Maybe we all just sit down and help Generation Z fix things, because hard as we tried, we failed. Sure, we made accomplishments, but we’ve seen many of them swept away in recent years. Time to get out of the way of the righteously angry youth. They are fighting for their survival.

Climate change? Despite the dangers, it likely won’t represent more than an inconvenience for the Baby Boomers. While it poses dangers for my generation, the real catastrophes are likely to come after my time… and long after the time of LaMalfa. People who don’t give a damn about the future have no business running any portion of our country. Short-sightedly kicking the can down the road needs to end.


Exactly! That’s why I will wholeheartedly support AOC for President when she makes her move.


I get what you’re saying, but if you look at who Biden has put in place as his advisors and how he listens to them when it comes time to implement policy, I doubt the results would be much different.


Possible. Like I said, I’m not unhappy with President Biden. I just think giving control to the people who are going to be most impacted by these governmental failures might not be a bad idea.


Like this?

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Not really. While that is a START, I’d rather that we have younger (but knowledgeable) folks making the decisions to begin with, as opposed to merely being given jobs in the industry. Granted, ACC may lay the groundwork for that, there is no saying that we could make the change overnight.

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