Second try with my neglected sourdough starter

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I like how the final loaf has still has an impression of the ridges in the bowl the dough raised in.


The ‘proofing basket’ is called a banneton. I have several and prefer to use them floured rather than with cloth.

I really like those marks too! I try to get them really pronounced.


Sourdough is not the complicated, finicky bread baking technique some folks might like you to believe.

I realize a lot of people have this belief, but I have never really understood it. Sourdough starters were carried clear across North America in unrefrigerated barrels of flour bouncing around in covered wagons, for crying out loud!

Which is to say, thank you for your posts on neglected starters. They’re the best. (The starters, that is, but your posts are pretty great too.)


Sounds like borderline starter abuse :face_with_monocle:

OMW! (Oh, My WIFE!)
She makes the most incredible sourdough bread in a ceramic baker thingy (Romertopf).

She made her own starter and makes a loaf every week which she takes to church and feeds people.

Me, I like BUTTER with my bread, and the holes make her bread leak the butter all over my hands.
Total bummer, I’m tellin’ ya!

She makes white-flour bread to give away (as requested by ‘the troops’), and whole wheat (yeasty-type, in loaf pans) with seeds and nuts for me.

She has decided to keep me around and I concur with her decision.


@jlw Your loaf pics consistently make my mouth water. Well done!


“Your Sourdough has Died of Dysentery”


The Yeast Beast Lives! Yep - the most important ingredient for bread is Time.

Any time I use the baskets and no matter how much I clog them up with flour my dough still ends up sticking to them. I gave up using them, which is a shame cuz it’s a good look for the bread.

Try rice flour on the banneton next time. It’s got just the right consistency.

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I got inspired enough by these bread articles to set up a loaf of no-knead whole-wheat bread. It’s on its second rise now.


It tasted great!


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