Security flaws found in 3 state health insurance websites

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I believe hackers would give up on Kentucky’s site in frustration. They send you an email to tell you to check your messages on the site. You can’t log in because your password has “expired” and you can’t make a new one you’ve ever used before. When you get in, you have to go through six more pages to actually read the message, which is usually nothing important. If there really is a problem, you may as well get on the phone, because the website will be no help. After months of dealing with the website, I finally managed to buy subsidized insurance through the state by phone.


That’s too bad. I’ve heard Kynect was quite popular and successful, but obviously not for everybody. The point may be moot, since the new governor has promised to pull the plug on the site and restrict the state Medicaid program.

I’ve helped quite a few people navigate the Federal exchange, and found it was difficult at first, but got easier with experience. However, I am not certified on the KY exchange, so I wouldn’t know first-hand.


Well, I should say the exchange itself is great. I got health insurance for the first time in many years, at a very good rate for my age. I am furious that Bevin wants to reject expanded Medicaid, because I know way too many people who depend on it. The website was never easy to use, though. My case got hung up for months because the algorithm couldn’t understand why my kids got state insurance (K-CHIP) and I didn’t. I had to pay a fine the first year, but eventually worked it out over the phone.


The state exchanges were created under President Barack Obama’s health care initiative.

And the exchanges themselves, including the Federal were built by private companies that took hundreds of millions of dollars per site to deliver shoddy products.

I notice the Canadian firm CGI had a hand in many of the failed and half-assed implementations…where did all that money go, and why has none of it been paid back to the ripped off taxpayers for failing to deliver working and secure products?


Free Market!!

-cry of the right wing.


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