TOM THE DANCING BUG: How They Finally Fixed the Obamacare Website


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Using one problem to solve another…

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Fighting a fire with another fire?

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Just merge the drone with a Da Vinci robot and get rid of the middle men…

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Cute, but the drone doesn’t have to find out most of that information because it’s irrelevant. You don’t give your medical history when you sign up because insurance companies no longer get to take pre-existing conditions into account. That’s the whole point.


It’s a pretty obvious punchline, and yet I laughed anyways.

A little too obvious for me. Wuerker did the same thing last week already.

I was convinced that Percival Dunwoody, Idiot Time-Traveler From 1909, would supply the punchline.

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Next problem: NSA says I’m not CLEARED for that procedure. . . .:wink:


Tobacco use can be asked about in some states even under ACA. So the only panel that isn’t accurate is the one with prescription drugs… the rest all looks like real questions!

Actually, I had expected the punchline to be Google.

Fixing the signup website is actually really easy.

  1. Extend Medicare to everyone.
  2. Tell the insurance companies to go fuck themselves.
  3. Shut down the website since it’s no longer needed.

“If you like your right to privacy, you can keep your right to privacy. Period.”

Is in fact a fairly common practice for dealing with wildfires, it is called back burning.

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Hey, way to not get the joke at all! Hint: it’s not criticizing obamacare.

this was one of the better TTDB’s I’ve read in a while!

Canada! Death panels! Socialism! You know, and stuff…

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