Who Will Rescue Us from That Scary, Menacing Obamacare?


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/05/10/who-will-rescue-us-from-that-s.html

Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH we are all rescued from that dark, scary Obamacare by a couple of swell fellas!





Oh dear, the policeman just got taken away. Nice little country you got here, wouldn’t want anything to happen to it? Oh, my friend’s clumsy, he just took away your health insurance. Now, for an easy monthly payment of half your income you can have us…take care of it.

(With a nod in the direction of Monty Python and the Piranha Brothers.)


America, in twelve panels.


I’d rather see Trump rather than see Doug!


It’s funny because it’s metaphorically completely true!


Poor white racists would rather die than accept medical benefits due to a non-white President’s policies.


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