, US insurance marketplace which opens today, snagged by technical problems


It’s being DDOSed by Randroid hackers. Believe.


It kept telling me that security answers could not be the same, except security answers were not the same, and then I ran into all of the other problems already mentioned.


Thanks, Obama…


Can’t understand how the websites could be so busy when the Tea-bagger Party tells me “the majority of 'mericuns don’t want that pinko commie socialism”.


Easy. See, if you want to build excitement for a product, you limit availability. When word gets out that it is hard to get, everyone figures it must be wildly popular. That creates yet more demand for a perceived scarce product.

Need any other conspiracy theories? I’m running a special.


Day 0 software always has bugs. Hang lose, report them, try again. Or wait a week or three for everyone else to do that for you.


Sounds like it’s snagged by pent-up demand, which is triggering problems. I guess Americans actually want Obamacare. Who’d’a thunk?


And Day1 or older software has 0day exploits…

That was my thought also - large websites rarely launch smoothly. On the other hand, this one is important enough, I kind of wish it wasn’t a clusterfuck.


Yes, thank you Obama!
And to hell with Ted Cruz & the House Republicans. F%ckers . .


Has anyone found a good, readable summary of the effects and provisions of Obamacare? I feel like most commenters don’t really have a good idea of the big picture, so both proponents and opponents are just cherry-picking their favorite/least favorite bits. I’m very much in favor of health care reform, but e.g. I know people who are fretting about the extra charges against smokers; they’re trying to quit, of course, but it’s not easy, and I worry about them getting hit with prohibitive costs. Thoughts?

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Same here. Guess I’ll wait til Halloween. Since I have PCIP, I guess I’ll go schedule a doctor’s appointment, get my prostate checked (see, Obamacare is already working.)

Forcing people to pay for private insurance is the worst of both worlds.

Expanding Medicare to cover everyone would be far simpler, cheaper, and more efficient. It would put health care under democratic control and result in treating patients as humans, not commodities.

When will people realize that the Democrats, not just the Republicans, are insane neo-liberal free market fundamentalists far to the right of the general population?


Nationalise the whole shebang. At gunpoint if necessary.


If you nationalize your health system into something that at least vaguely resembles rational then you will be robbing the vast majority of people in other Western countries the opportunity to feel pity for you poor souls in your fucked up broken system. Please, think of the rest of us poor smug bastards.


Why, our lot are trying to fucking flog the NHS as quick as they can, so Cosmic Order will be achieved once more…

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Especially since before the program was rolled out, too many insiders had say on pricing, like Big Pharma. No negotiations. The insurance that I paid for has gone up exponentially. If the health act doesn’t go through now, (although I believe it will), I will be so screwed. There’s no way that insurance companies would roll back the pricing increase.

The point is that you are paying for other people’s care under insurance anyway, except they don’t have to cover anything now.


Two links, both from the Maternal & Child Health Library at Georgetown University:

Patient Protection and ACA Resources for Professionals

Patient Protection and ACA Resources for Families

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What a good day for the government to shut down; we didn’t need anyone to man that site.

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