See (and hear) this fellow set a world record for the highest vocal note sung by a male

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I didn’t hear anything, but my dog is running around nuts.


80% sure this video lifts music from the Mass Effect scores

There’s one time-tested way of giving males the ability to sing those high notes:


Of course the procedure has to be done before puberty.

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I am not convinced this is “singing.” It certainly is a very high-pitched sound.


This power can be used for evil. Delicious evil:


Came for this. :grimacing:

As has been noted, high-pitched male voices did and do exist in classical European music.

Years ago I heard an opera or oratorio with a duet between a female soprano and a male soprano, and of course now i cant recall the durned title. Maybe the composer was Handel? That time frame, anyway. It was quite interesting to hear, of course.

Thanks to youtube you can compare a male soprano and female soprano (though of course no two voices of any range or gender are alike), singing ahumdinger aria such as “Lascia Ch’io Pianga”:

Radhu Marian:

And Patricia Petibon and her hat:

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