Man sings two melodies at the same time

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That’s what my boss looks like at a meeting, really.

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Oh yeah? Well I can sing no melodies at the same time!


This “man“ had better use the proper public restroom…


Wolfgang’s rendition of Taco Bell’s Canon is pretty, but Anna-Maria’s video is mind-blowing. I can barely hit three or four overtones with a constant fundamental, and she’s all over the place. Dang.

Is indicating the pitches with your hand an integral part of this technique?

Link to Wolfgang Saus’ video:

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No; just makes it more obvious what they are doing with the notes.

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It is when you have a theremin implanted in your head.


Isn’t he whistling the upper part more than singing it?

I can do a chord; it’s a groan I learned to do at my girlfriend when she asks me to do crap.


For those interested in this kind of music, I highly recommend Dan Bodah’s Vocal Fry show, Monday evenings on WFMU.

Not really. Whistling involves making your lips vibrate to produce sounds. This technique involves using your tongue to selectively filter the harmonics of your voice.

By the way, it has nothing to do with the vocal fry (a.k.a Strohbass), which consists of forcing a secondary vibration of the vocal chords. Some Central Asian people traditionally combine the two, but not all.

I personally can use both techniques, but I must confess that I don’t have a good hang of them, having practiced neither consistently enough.

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