See Black Panther on the big screen for free


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I’m afraid if Trump watched that movie his takeaway would probably be “why should we settle for a wall when shithole countries like Wakawakaland get a force field and a cloaking device??”


“And a lot of people are afraid to say it; but this Klaw guy had some good ideas! Which is why I’ve instructed my generals to draw up a plan for taking ALL the vidamien…mybrainium…ALL the METAL from Venezuela.”


That speech was such an extremely pointed “fuck you” to the current administration. A great exclamation point at the end of a fabulous movie.


“In times of crisis, the wise build bridges, while the foolish build barriers," T’Challa said. "We must find a way to look after one another as if we were one single tribe.”

To be fair, that’s also the moment the plutocrat royal decides to singlehandedly buy up and gentrify a few blocks of downtown Oakland because reasons.

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Looking through Ohio and Michigan shows a pretty interesting set of theaters chosen for the events. They seem to have largely chosen whiter more affluent suburbs. Detroit and Cleveland don’t make the cut.


Him wasting money on science would be better than him wasting money on architecture. Unlike the wall, something good might come out of scientific research.


There’s no way Trump’s cloaking forcefield project would actually yield any useful scientific research. He’d just hand $50 Billion to Betsy DeVos’ brother Erik Prince and say “make it happen.”


Even so; upside, no wall to appease the bigots in his base.

I mean, the rich people are always going to get the money. That’s a given.

Whether it’s the rich people that own the construction companies that build the wall, or Erik Fucking Prince/others like him. The money won’t go to people who need it.


The only St. Louis area theater is very much the same.

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Interesting: Playing in the small city near where my mother and sister live in New York, but nowhere in Oregon!

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