See if you can spot three hidden bananas in Minions fan art puzzle

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Hint: Mostly obscured bananas.


Just look at them!


I see a rabbit I see a cup of juice I see an apple I see a magnifying glass I see a little gray creature

I see 16 hidden circles

In MCS (minion coordinate system (x,y)): 11,7

minion (n.) c. 1500, “a favorite; a darling, one who or that which is beloved” (a sense now obsolete), from Old French mignon “a favorite, darling” (n.), also a term of (probably homosexual) abuse; as an adjective, “dainty, pleasing, favorite,” from mignot “pretty, attractive, dainty, gracious, affectionate.” The French word is of uncertain origin, perhaps from Celtic (compare Old Irish min “tender, soft”), or from Old High German minnja, minna “love, memory”

It doesn’t take any skill to… hide…a… banana. Sorry.


Found one banana. Location: Move cursor to extreme right edge of drawing and center-up on the edge. Move to the left 3/4", then drop down 1/2".

Whoa! Here’s another one: Move cursor to lower left corner of drawing. Move cursor up 1-1/2", then 3/4" to the right.

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I can’t tell if that’s a banana or if you’re just happy to see me.


Yes, quickly found the 1st two, but the last one took some time!

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