See the first footage of a Great White Shark taking a nap


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Zzz, zzz…chomp, chomp, chomp…zzz.


So it’s Shark Week on BoingBoing too…

At least it’s a movie of a shark doing nothing at all.


All it needs is a gun collection and diabetes and that shark could be our new National Bird.


without being a scientist, or seeing it with its eyes closed and/or a sleeping cap on, it’s quite hard for me to tell that it’s actually sleeping – so i guess i’ll take their word for it. still too scary, even sleeping.



What do white sharks do at night?

Based on the glow stick, it appears they rave.


What she dreaming about??? My guess is she’s dreaming about the asshole that strapped all that crap on her and just how good they’ll taste when she get the chance to find them…either that or dreaming that trump is gonna be calling for a vice president choice.


Electronic fish?


See the first footage of a Great White Old Fart taking a nap.

Image to follow, as soon as I’m done napping.


She’s dreaming of revenge for the Left Shark fiasco and the humiliation of her people…


Don’t surprise her, even the little ones are cranky as heck when startled awake…
cute terror


people, stop flushing your stillnox down the toilet – the last thing we need is a shark on a sleep-eating binge


Shark traveling at warp speed appears to be sleeping.


Do Great Whites dream of aquatic sheep?


Aquatic pigs?


Now that’s a shark dream! However, it looks like those cute little swimmers are smart enough to only swim in clear, shallow water.


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