See the spectacle of a Rolling Pin Throwing Competition from 1979


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If Google serves, then the Champ, Lori Adams Liscolm, is now the phys ed instructor at Ames Christian School in Iowa.



Thank you for some more wonderfullness :sunny:


The music is the same playing in my head 24/7.


I could not endure.


Her husband must be proud of her.


Better than Curling… But not as cool as Field Gun Races (my favorite sport ever).


Nice toss but, as usual, the thrower got all the attention and they didn’t even show the poor catcher.


That’s certainly some odd rabbit hole!


I believe this contest is still held at the Iowa State Fair even today, albeit with rubber chickens for safety reasons.


The only dangerous thing at the Iowa State Fair should be the cholesterol


I knew that was Iowa State Fair coverage from the first glimpse of the screen cap, even though this was filmed before I was born. The only thing that’s changed since then is (some) of the clothes, and, as @Little_Rat said, the switch to rubber chickens. The real farmers are still rockin the same looks, the buildings are all still there, and it’s even still as sort of innocent and optimistic as it seems here. As a repeat fairgoer, the whole thing is wild, but my favorite is watching little kids try to figure out how to complete a phone call with a rotary telephone.


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