Man sues "Throwed Rolls" restaurant after being injured by thrown roll


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First remove the throwed roll from your own eye and the you will clearly see to remove the dollars from your brother’s restaurant.


Pretty much everyone within a 250 mile radius of Lambert’s knows about their “throwed rolls” – it’s kind of like Rock City, with billboards everywhere.

You really can’t go to that place and not expect rolls to be thrown throwed.


Man, that’s one of the biggest places I miss since I moved away from Springfield, MO. I agree, it’s a ridiculous lawsuit.

That said, Lambert’s really had to know something like this was going to happen sooner or later.


I went to Lambert’s a few months ago. Rolls are flying in all directions, a dude yells out HOT ROLLS! constantly, and they throw them to people with their hands up. If she didn’t know a roll was heading her direction, she should blame the folks she was with, not Lambert’s.




no wait… thrun ???

Did you ever want to play questions?



Only if the lawsuit results in change.


Do you think this lawsuit will be throwed out?


I spent the first 26 years of my life in St. Louis and never went there till after I moved to Seattle. It was fun and I had hog jowls for the first time and they were very tasty too.
They give plenty of warning and someone at the table had to have signaled for a roll as they do not just throw them at random so she had to be really not paying attention to get beaned with a roll unexpectedly.
I will say I am surprised they lasted this long without at least one person suing for this.

edit: i missed they have been sued for it before, yeesh.


Thrain? Thror? Thorin?


Thor? Thrawn? Throne?


Yea and verily were they thrunt.


I ordered hog jowls because, c’mon, someone offers me hog jowls, I’ve got to order them.

I didn’t expect a plate heaped with hot, quarter-inch-thick bacon! Oh man. This is what dreams are made of.

I didn't expect a plate heaped with hot, quarter-inch-thick bacon!

The word you’re all looking for is “tossed.” Past tense: “tosseded.” Or is it “toasted”? Special conjugation for use with bread products?


Has Thor thoroughly thrown a throne through a Thornberry?

If tho, he’d thirtainly be thore, and thurley thorry.


We already can’t do anything that has the remotest chance of hurting or inconveniencing anybody. We already put disclaimers on every damn thing, and warnings on everything else. Thank goodness for telecommuting, soon we won’t dare leave our cocoons for anything at all.


I watched the promo video on their website, and it seems that some of the “throwing” is at a pretty good velocity. But I’d be interested to see some “math-and-physics” to explain how something with the low mass of a hot roll could actually hit you hard enough to detach a retina.


Pronoun trouble?

Man sues ‘Throwed Rolls’ restaurant…”

From TFA: “His client is Troy Tucker, a 67- year-old woman who is a pastor at a church in North St. Louis.”


I dunno… lady got a scratched cornea out of it… She’s only asking for her medical bills to be covered, so I don’t think that’s unreasonable on her part.