I didn't expect a plate heaped with hot, quarter-inch-thick bacon!




This is what dreams are made of.




Yeah thats looks pretty much like what I had.
We got direct from the farm buying club meats for a bit and I would order that when they had it. I was the only one who would eat it much to the detriment of my arteries.


Thank gawd this isn’t questions.

Peter Luger’s makes infamous bacon, not from jowel, because that isn’t where bacon comes from. I am going to start inserting flags that acknowledge I know the double or triple entendres I use or the inside jokes I abuse.

Bacon is this.

Benjamin’s bacon is superb.

I eat 90% plants, but i have a smoked pig skin and better bacon in my fridge.

(I almost died when I went to Benjamin’s. They anticipated perfect before I knew what perfect was)


I will state again since pigs would not think twice about nibbling on me if I keeled over dead in front them… mmm bacon.


Pffft, y’all are doing it wrong…
I first met my friend’s future wife while gnawing on the jowls of a spit-roasted pig whose head I had commandeered…
(not sure if I am glad or sorry that ubiquitous recording devices didn’t exist at the time)


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