Video: What does human flesh taste like?


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“What does human flesh taste like?”

Everyone knows that! Chicken of course.


And babies taste like eggs.


Fun fact: Eating yourself is called autophagy.


…or autocunnilingus or autofellatio…


Well I think it should be legalized.


Not for the squeamish!

Actually, my dinner plans just switched from making us casserole to tenderloin. I’m not sure I like what that says about me. I will not be mentioning the inspiration for this treat to my wife.


With show-and-tell demonstrations!










“He broke his neck trying to suck his own dick.” ~ Clerks


What a time to be out of licks



I think another great observation to come out of this conversation is that…one way or another…we’ve all eaten something that tastes a lot like baby.



Surely placentas count as human flesh? I’ve definitely heard of women eating theirs after giving birth.


It’s apparently illegal to eat people, even yourself

Bad news for those of us who bite hangnails.


I remember reading a book by Anton LeVay, one of his first, where back in the 60s they cooked and ate a human thigh. They had a doctor in the group, or some medical person, that procured it after the donor didn’t need it.

They all agreed it tasted like lamb.


Apologies, fren, not good enough…


I immediately thought of the Stephen King short story Survivor Type about the marooned surgeon/drug smuggler who keeps a dairy about slowly consuming himself.