Video: What does human flesh taste like?

Most cultures that eat human flesh do it ritually, much like modern day religion…

+1 on that. Or as mariners used to call us, “long pig”.

To the tinkerers out there, the next time you burn yourself with a solder iron, taste the burn. Its a really clean bit of flash fried flesh, and good lord does it taste bacony.


Now all he needs is some fava beans and a nice chianti…


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“Dairy” /= diary

Diego Rivera makes up tells the same anecdote in his autobiography. I suspect Anton LeVay of, umm, creative recycling.

Suppose you have surgery to remove an unwanted and malfunctioning organ, and the surgeons let you take it home in a bottle of alcohol to keep on the mantelshelf, and then one night you run out of alcohol.
Asking for a friend.


I have no idea. It was for a paranormal/adventure club with quite a few members. I want to say it happened in Frisco, but I can’t remember the details.

Not a fair test. Everyone likes their own brand.


Us casserole? Meat me for dinner, honey, I’m making us casserole.


Bacon tastes like bacon because it’s been cured.

Bacon is not made of skin.

Maybe unseasoned pork rhinds (unlikely), but not bacon.

No, it most definitely tastes like bacon. Maybe the salt on the skin adds to it. But you can cure chicken or my cellphone and neither will taste like bacon, so clearly its not just the curing…

But I think at this point you’re just going to have to go fire up your solder iron and get good and liquored up and confirm the experiment for yourself. Just don’t tell the cops.

Oh, you should! Right before dessert.


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Long pork.

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Its actually usually compared to pork.

This guy should have come to NY. Eating human flesh is perfectly legal in the state of New York, provided no crime is committed in the acquisition of the meat. Ask me how I know.

The taste of bacon is very much the taste of certain cuts of pork cured (specifically its the nitrates that give the cured flavor), and in the US often smoked. The same cuts green (ie uncured and unsmoked) do not taste like bacon. Even different cuts of the same animal won’t taste like bacon. Back bacon (rashers!) being both unsmoked and leaner, lighter muscle tends to taste more like ham than bacon. And most of your bacon flavored items are just flavored with liquid smoke and salt. I’ve burned my self plenty, some sometimes quite badly. Boo-boo goes in the mouth seems to be a pretty primal reaction. Never struck me as tasting much like bacon. Or food in anyway. It tastes like fresh blood, salt, and sometimes char if its bad enough. I’ll chock that up to being an open wound on a living creature. Which isn’t to say that you don’t taste like bacon.


Would lab-grown human meat count? Hmmm…

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Oh my god what a baby.

Anyway, the presenters on some Dutch show already cooked and ate surgically-extracted morsels of each other’s buttmeat (warning: vaguely homoerotic in a way)

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One of my favorite quotes is attributed to Idi Amin, although its provenance is questionable:

“I would never eat human flesh. That’s disgusting. Besides it’s much too salty.”


Want to know what eating flesh is like? Ask a Catholic.

Catholics eat the actual flesh and blood of Jesus Christ - not the symbolic representation as I previously thought. Only 30 percent of Catholics surveyed in a Gallup poll believe they are actually receiving the Body and Blood, soul and divinity of the Lord Jesus Christ under the appearance of bread and wine.

Its not necessarily just Catholics (we were taught this as children in an Episcopalian church). Also the concept pretty specifically claims that the bread and wine do not taste feel or otherwise have the physical properties of flesh and blood. And IIRC the teaching is often that the bread and wine do not technically become the body and blood of Christ till after you swallow. It always seemed a pointless bit of literalism in something that was perfectly fine as metaphor and symbol.

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Wait nobody has said leftovers yet?