Video: What does human flesh taste like?


While cannibalism has been outlawed in the UK for quite some time, there are no laws explicitly prohibiting cannibalism in the US. As long as you can do it without breaking another law, you’re good to go.

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With just a soupçon of tin and lead…

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This is America, pal. FTFY

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We can’t eat human flesh because, in theory, it involves harming a human.

Now that we can grow muscle and organs in vats, and in theory it would no longer harm a human, what would the ethics of vat grown human meat be?

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Now, that’s the question. Delicately prepared and elegantly served, I’d try a slice. Anyone else?


So not “long” pork, then?


If you drank what was in the bottle you’d likely be keeping company with what was in the bottle.

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Raw bacon, yes, but cooked bacon’s flavor is primarily from the fatty tissue breaking down, charring etc.
Now, all that said, there is definitely a difference in flavor between bacon cured with nitrates/nitrites vs curing with other things vs uncured.

(Now, where’s my soldering iron?)

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Are we talking about real bacon or that Canadian stuff?

Wood smoke, salt, sugar, and yes fat (which your skin is lacking, btw). The notion posted before that the salt on your skin (which, unless your an open salt miner is minute compared to real bacon) would make burnt skin taste like bacon which is composed of meat and not skin is just laughable.

You can double down on a delusion if you want, but I’m not backing your wager.


Oh, real bacon of course! That Canadian stuff is just… wrong! :stuck_out_tongue:

The salt is a huge question, as A - bacon can be cured with salt, and B - the salt on your skin is comprised of a selection of different minerals; different from that of bacon as well as between different people, (biochemistry etc). I would assume that’s true for the meat of different pigs too, though it should be far more uniform assuming similar diet and whatnot.

I do know that my own sweat can easily be at least as salty as (non-salt-cured) bacon, but of course that’s my sweat and my taste buds, YTB(AS)MV etc.

(Disclaimer: IANASM)



I prefer new Hannibal. :slight_smile: He’s so sassy!

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I know it’s the low light, but I love how his pupils are dilated there.


Sweet fucking Jesus on a… I’m gonna hate myself for this in the morning.


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True, true. But he never did the pfpfpfbpfpfpf thing, so I had to go old school.


I’m surprised that didn’t happen sooner.

SO funny story. Remember this:

A person I know in law enforcement was called into the office of some elected official or other. Might have been a judge, might have been a state senator, don’t remember. This man was extremely disturbed by this purported man beef. He insisted that they investigate immediately and bring those monsters to justice. Now the law enforcement officers in question attempted to explain that was by that point a well known hoax/art project. That the creators of the site had come forward, and that there was no actual cannibalism involved. Now our illustrious elected official was far to savvy for that. He continued to insist it was real, as you could order right there on the site! (You couldn’t actually). So they had to go off and actually find some way to convince this guy there was no actual human flesh on the market in NY. Eventually a DA helped them establish that there was no law against cannibalism in NY, so unless you could prove their claims to ethical sourcing were false and the crimes in acquisition took place in NY there was no way to prosecute. At which point the whole insane situation finally went away.