See World War II play out in 7 minutes



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That map needs labels.

That was the best game of Europa Universalis IV ever.


To be fair, there’s not that much in Switzerland worth the headache of sending troops through the Alps, and it’d be a hell of a place to try to hold onto in the face of local insurrection.

Observation: Finland=badasses. Soviets tried to take over and had minimal success. Germany didn’t even try.


Let’s not miss the real story here: the whole video was made with MS Paint and Windows Live Movie Maker.


Germany didn’t try because they were sort of allies.


Makes sense. Soviets were a potential (then real) threat to both. Very creepy watching the Axis advance as I thought about the people they were scooping up to send to camps.


It’s called Hearts of Iron.

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Only quibble would be: kind of weird to give such attention to Ethiopia in upper right hand corner. It’s distracting/confusing. If anything, you’d put the Pacific theatre there (a lot more work though, of course).


Speeches and symphonic music in the background? The original soundtrack of crunching bones and agonized screams was far more relevant.

Interestingly enough, 7 minutes was about the actual running time for the Cold War era planners of WWIII.

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Now I know what happened.

Then this:

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I always wondered why Hitler decided to repeat Napoleon’s mistake of getting stuck deep in Russia during the winter. Did he just assume Napoleon was a silly Frenchman?

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“Made by Emperor TigerStar using MSPaint and Windows Moviemaker. You now have precisely bupkis for excuses.”

Does that one suffer from Big Blue Blob syndrome as well? Those darn Frenchies…

The same person made another video for the Pacific Theater of combat. If you’re ever in New Orleans, the WWII museum there has a really interesting wall sized display using back lighting and LEDs to show the shifting lines of control in the Pacific during the war.


If anyone is interested in the Pacific War, I highly recommend the National Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksburg, TX (birthplace of Admiral Nimitz).

Fabulous museum. Nice little town, too.