"Seeing your child learn this way is painful" — Redmond Mayor responds to daughter's viral antisemitic behavior

Originally published at: Mayor apologizes for daughter's actions in antisemitic video


Now lets’ hear from the young woman herself-college students shouldn’t need mom to say “sorry I screwed up” for them. And maybe some actual remote for her actions-cause if they are going to be characterized as “a mistake” I’d hate to see what she does with intent.


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I believe I read the woman responsible is a Ph.D. student. She’s not a wet behind the ears 18 year old. (*Edit: No offense to the 18 many mature 18 year olds out there.)*Let’s see her take responsibility for her actions.


She probably needs a little time, though. I’m sure she’s stinging from not only a public embarrassment, but also a public rebuke from her mother. It’s best to hear an apology from someone who has had time to honestly reflect on their actions rather than reacting to the backlash right away.


“public embarrassment” at what potentially could be a hate crime reads a little different than public embarrassment because your dog took a shit in Petco… but we’ll see what she says.


parents who are public figures are often asked to have positions on the actions of their children ( regardless of age. ) so it makes sense to me that the mayor wanted to say something of their own. lots of people seemed to be asking for that even


Yeah, and doubly so because mom’s a politician. As soon as she was identified everyone’s thoughts went to “MmmHmm. And where did she learn THAT behavior?” She couldn’t not put out a statement, silence would have been equated with support, regardless of when/if/how her daughter apologized.


No matter what, panic mode sets in first. It’s human nature. Better an apology from a clear head.
The point being…given time to reflect, a reasonably clever person would realize their faults and acknowledge them rather than giving a faux-pology.


true true, just something in yr comment came across as a little aloof- but yr point is valid

Fixing solely on that post, yeah that’s a solid dig and burn by mom there. That’ll leave a mark.


I like the Mayor’s response:

  1. it showed their internal hurt in seeing a loved one fail,

  2. showed their own personal growth,

  3. and provided a call to action for all citizens to reflect and support anti-hate practices and groups.


Agreed. Lots of problems with what the daughter did, but I have no issues with the public statement the Mayor made. I doubt I could have done half as well if I were her father. Thankfully, I am not a public figure and hope to never be one.


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