Seej: a 3D printed, free real-world tower defense game


Anyone else remember the game this is ripped off from. “Crossbows and Catapults” I miss that game . . .a lot.


Yep, I came here to say that very same thing. We used to put a ton of rubber bands on the catapults and wrap them around several times until you could throw a puck across the room (and dang near embed it into the wall). Good times :smile:


I think this is a great idea. Crossbows and Catapults is still made under the name Battleground, but it’s horrendously expensive. Vintage ones on ebay aren’t much better. Now if you (or a friend) has a 3D printer you can make your own set for a few bucks.

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Our game ended abruptly one day when the quadrupled rubber band strength shattered the crossbow frame and sent shrapnel flying through the ranks of both sides. Good times indeed.

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40 bucks doesn’t seem that expensive to me for an original version on ebay. Which would be the equivalent of what is shown above. Seems silly to get a 400 + dollar printer just to save 20 bucks.

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Yes, but you have just added a massive amount of expensive, fiddly manufacturing to your military-industrial complex! Woo! Feel that trickledown, baby!

Yeah, Crossbows and Catapults sounds awesome. I bought a used complete set for around $55 including shipping on eBay just now. Thanks for the tip(s).

This caused soooo many fights. I don’t think I ever saw a C&C game that didn’t end with someone getting punched in the nose. That one looks to be in good nick. Nice find.

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