Cube Quest


I might have to pick this up to play with my kid.

Crossbows and Catapults is the best. I still have my set from when I was a kid, and now play it with my kids. You are correct that the rules don’t make much sense.

Picked this up at my local hobby shop at Xmas time last year. Very fun game. The randomness comes in with the flicking of the cubes instead of the rolling of a polyhedron. Sometimes you have a clear shot and blow it, sometimes your shot will skip over all the defenders and score a knockout blow. Lots of strategy in placement and play.

I’d love it if they added an expansion pack or even just gave you some blank dice to make your own units. Hilariously fun quick game, great for parties, young kids, even grandparents. =)

I’ll have to check this game out as it sounds intriguing.

I’ve really wanted to pick up a copy of Crossbows & Catapults for my son but was disappointed when I saw that the build quality of its replacement, Battleground from Spinmaster, was not as nice as the original game from my youth. It seems I’m not alone in thinking that as the online auctions for the original game (complete or incomplete) go for surprising sums.

Sort of like if bocce had been invented by Gary Gygax.


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