Seeking: Magazine subscription idea for an 8 year old


My sister says my young nephew is really into getting magazines and suggests I get him a subscription. Any ideas? I’m not really hip on what’s in for kids these days.


not magazines.

This one looks good, if pricey:

I used to get an astronomy magazine that I loved, but I can’t remember the name, and quick searches aren’t revealing anything familiar.

More apropos – what subjects interest your nephew?


Does he like anime/manga? Shonen Jump?


He seems pretty science-y but it’s hard to tell at that age. I just saw him and all he could talk about was this kid’s online video game thing that he showed me and it was simply horrible crap - just the cheapest stupidest stuff ever. I know he did Minecraft for a while but think their subscription ran out.


$211 ???


If you have Yen for that sort of thing…




you should drop the magazine part and give him another year of Minecraft subscription. it’s at least not horrible crap.


and a BoingBoing account.


Oh come on, let the kid keep his poor brain innocent of some things for awhile… :wink:


The German magazine GEO (very similar to National Geographic) has a spin-off for children. I know next to nothing about the US print market but maybe a “for kids” edition of some respectable (pop-)sci magazine exists?


Yeah, I was thinking that. How much does that cost?


GEOlino has two major disadavantages for your use case: wrong continent and wrong language :smile: I used this magazine only as example for pop-sci magazines with childres as target audience.


A friend of mine writes for Boys’ Life and he passed along an issue to me one day. It’s actually pretty dang good. It’s published by the Boy Scouts of America so there’s lots of camping tips, but there’s also video game reviews, book reviews, DIY projects, and hobby instructions. You can find articles on how to preserve a snowflake in acetate, how to fix a banged up skateboard, how to plant your own vegetable garden, yo-yo tricks, how to convert a toy car into a bedroom opener, camping recipes, and so on. I would’ve loved to have a magazine like that as a kid.

And apparently they’re having a discount right now. 12 bucks for a year’s subscription.

@crenquis mentioned Playboy and, funny enough, my same friend that writes for Boys’ Life also writes for Playboy. He’s that guy that wrote about Cloud 9’s League of Legends team.




I enjoyed Boys Life and was going to recommend it, but I had no idea whether it even existed anymore…




Boy’s Life took a nosedive in the eighties when it started explicitly appealing to little kids. They increased the font size and everything. Why no, I have not read it since.




Hah! I was just coming to suggest Cricket. I got it for years when I was a kid. Totally loved it. It had a little of everything: stories, science, crafts…