'Seismic flare-ups' observed in volcanoes along the Aleutian chain


Yes, but can Sarah Palin see them from her front porch?

I don’t think it is a coincidence that all these volcanos are becoming active at the same time. I think they are somehow connected to one another.

The connection is simple – gay marriage and legalizing pot => end times.

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A little follow-up on this one, an 8.0 quake in the Aleutians today.


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Fortunately, this quake did not result in a large tsunami. Evacuations took place, and there was a 7" wave at Amchitka Island, but no damage reported. (7" may sound like joke, but a tsunami is not a normal wave, and even a small one can break coastal structures.)

The next 24-hours are the big concern. Every 24 hours that passes after a major earthquake heavily reduces the chance that an aftershock will actually be the bigger quake that you were expecting. So seismologists will be biting their nails overnight.

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Wow. I’m hoping there isn’t a larger aftershock.

Wasn’t trying to scare you - just letting you know when the first round of “all clears” will get sounded. Since the 7.9, they’ve had several aftershocks, with the largest at 6.0. The site below shows quakes around the world larger than 2.5. We’re having them all the time.

Have you had the Richter Scale explained to you? The scale is logarithmic which means that each whole number is ten times bigger than the last. So a 6.0 is much, much smaller than a 7.9.


Yes, thank you, I understand the Richter Scale :slight_smile:

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:slight_smile: All good - just didn’t want you needlessly worrying.

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